Fancy Ray McCloney is one of Minnesota’s Best known and Well Loved TV Personalities. Everyone has seen one of his countless television commercials and just the mention of his name brings a smile to any Minneapolitian. A MUST SEE Live Stand Up Comedy Show!!!

In 1989, the self proclaimed, ”Best Lookin’ Man In Comedy” and “Human Chocolate Orchid” started dazzling audiences. Whether it was comedy stages or his nationally acclaimed TV Show “Get Down With It!: The Fancy Ray Show” he always left audience laughing and hungry for more.

In 1998 he was fearless as took a stand for poor people and formed The People’s Champion Party and was on the ballot for Minnesota Governor.

In 2003 Ray moved to L.A. to pursue his comedy career that brought movie and tv appearances including: The Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing, America’s Got Talent, Comedy Central, CNN, Entertainment Tonight, 48 Hours, Maury Povich Show, and Texas Justice!!!

In 2010, USI Wireless put Mr. McCloney’s face on 16 billboards around Minneapolis declaring “Our internet prices are so low, the only celebrity we can get is Fancy Ray!”

In 2011, Harold Pener’s Man of Fashion Clothing Store hired Fancy Ray to produce and star in TV Commercials that aired in St. Louis, Memphis, Baton Rogue, and Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Fancy Ray’s Beauty is the foundation of his comedy. He looks so good that he claims - ”I blew my self a kiss in The Mirror and The Mirror GOT PREGNANT” He is a master of showmanship and a very talented comic. He has worked in concert with Richard Pryor, Little Richard and Chris Rock.

Fancy Ray starred in the Movie Junkyard Willie and was featured internationally on Swedish TV and Britian’s Channel 4.